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OSX: switch font size when an external display is attached

2016-07-31 by Daniel Kertesz

How to change font size in Emacs and iTerm2 when an external display is attached.

Extracting values from an arbitrary JSON data structure

2016-07-02 by Daniel Kertesz

How to walk a JSON data structure to extract the selected leaf nodes.

Weird perl errors on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

2014-10-20 by Daniel Kertesz

Somehow during the Yosemite installation some permissions on Perl directories got messed up.

Vim folding in Emacs

2014-10-05 by Daniel Kertesz

Replicating vim code folding inside Emacs.

Install unbound DNS(SEC) resolver on OS X

2013-08-05 by Daniel Kertesz

Describe the installation of unbound DNS(SEC) resolver on OS X.

Create fortune(6) files from Wikiquote

2013-07-26 by Daniel Kertesz

I've create a very simple script that create a fortune(6) file from a Wikiquote page.

La beffa di Android

2013-06-19 by Daniel Kertesz

Una lunga lamentazione sullo stato di Android e della tecnologia moderna.

International Keyboard

2013-04-22 by Daniel Kertesz

Typing accented letters (both acute and grave) with a U.S. keyboard layout.

Use the name of the remote host for tmux window when running ssh

2013-03-26 by Daniel Kertesz

Rename your tmux window when connecting to a remote host
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